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How to Repair the 50.3 Fuser Error on the HP P3015 LaserJet, RM1-6274-000CN

Diagnostic Information on fixing the HP P3015 50.3 Fuser Error

If your HP P3015 printer has a high temperature reading at thermistor TH1 then you will see a 50.3 fuser error on the control panel. Read the following repair tips to try to resolve the issue without replacing the fusing assembly. If you have to replace the fusing assembly, order a fuser from the link below the article and follow the replacement instructions just above the link.

1. Power cycle the machine. Since the 50.3 fuser error is caused by high internal temperatures you might want to let the machine sit 20 to 30 minutes to allow it to cool down before turning it back on.

2. Check your environment. Make sure you have plenty of space around the machine and that nothing is blocking the vents on the side of the machine. You should have 4 to 6 inches of clearance on all sides of the printer for proper ventilation. Last, make sure the surrounding temperature meets the machines specifications. I usually say between 50 to 80 decrees. This year with it so hot I saw a few machines on factory floors come up with these errors just because it was so stinking hot in the factories.

HP Laserjet P3015 50.3 fuser error photo

3. Heavy usage or heavy card stock can also result in this error. In order to properly bond the toner to paper on heavy cardstock the machine turns up the temperature in the fuser. Over long runs the heat can rise too much and cannot cool down. If I see this situation happen I usually tell my customers to just reduce the print job and allow for some cooling before continuing. So if you have a 500 print job break it up into 5 100 page jobs.

4. Reseat the fuser and all its connections. If it still fails after doing all that time to replace the fusing assembly, RM1-6274-000CN. Below is a link to order a fuser and above it is a link to instructions on replacing the fusing assembly once you receive the part.

Instructions on The fuser removal Procedure for the HP P3015 Printers

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