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Troubleshooting the 51.10 Printer Error on the HP 4240, 4250, and 4350

How to resolve the 51.10 Printer Error on your HP LaserJet 4240, 4250, and 4350

Alright the 51.10 printer error in these machines is related to a beam detect error. Probably will not get this error when it first turns on but when you go to print the machine will start to warm up and then it will display the 51.10 printer error. First thing to do is unplug and reseat all the connectors going to the laser scanner assembly. The next step would be to open the laser scanner assembly and take the polygon motor out and clean out the motor bushings and the shaft on the polygon motor and then lubricate it with a light machine oil. Put the machine back together and try again. If that fails then time to replace the laser scanner assembly. Now I put the instructions in for cleaning out the motor and motor bushings but typically this procedure will only help with the 52.10 scanner motor error.

HP 4240, 4250, 4350 51.10 printer error photo


1 beam-detect error
1 Press ( SELECT button) to continue.
2 Turn the printer off and then on.
3 Reseat the connectors between the laser/scanner and dc controller PCA (J83 and J84).
4 Replace the laser/scanner assembly. RM1-1067-000CN
5 Replace the dc controller PCA. RM1-1108-000CN

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