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Troubleshooting the 52.00 Error on the HP P3005 LaserJet Printer

Diagnostic Aids on Fixing your HP P3005 Printer with a 52.00 Error

The 52.00 Error is related to the laser scanner assembly. The laser motor needs to get up to a certain speed in X amount of time. If that does not happen the machine will throw an error code. Now when the machine first turns on this motor doesn’t rotate but once a job is sent to it then it starts. Sometimes a dead give away that you have a motor going out is a loud noise as the scanner motor tries to get up to speed. The motor bushings dry out and you end up with a metal on metal friction sound. Some people say it sounds like an airplane taking off when it’s really bad. Now it’s not usually that bad but it can be pretty obvious. The main thing I can say here is to check all your connections first. The second thing I would attempt to do is take out the scanner motor, clean out the motor bushing and rod, lubricate the rod and bushing with a very light machine oil and try again. Now that doesn’t always work and it’s not my favorite. If it works great but I typically check pricing on a replacement laser scanner. Depending on the cost I usually decide if it’s worth mentioning or if it’s just best to let it go and see how long it will last. Some times it works out great and continues to work for a year or two more. Other times it works for a day or two and comes back.

HP P3005 52.00 error photo

52.00 ERROR
Scanner did not get up to speed in time
1. Verify that the scanner motor connector and the ribbon cable from the ECU are firmly seated on the laser/scanner assembly.
2. Verify that the scanner motor connector is firmly seated in connector J402 on the ECU. You might have to remove the main cooling fan to see this connection.
3. Verify that the ribbon cable installed in connector J403 on the ECU is fully seated. You must remove the ECU in order to verify this connection.
4. If the message persists, replace the laser/scanner assembly.

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