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Troubleshooting the 58.04 Error on the HP P3015 Printer

Diagnostic Aids designed to help Troubleshoot the HP P3015 58.04 Error

The 58.04 error is usually related to a low voltage power supply problem. So we need to check our power sources. Several years ago every thing was prone lightning strikes and power surges. These things happen a lot less now that manufactures have built boards better and electric companies have designed their system better.

HP and other manufactures want you to have these machines plugged straight into a wall outlet. Any time you call HP this is the first thing their worthless customer service people will ask you. So make sure it’s not in a strip and on the same circuit as any other large device. I’ve seen before where people plug a machine straight into a wall with other large devices and they still have issues but once out of the room the problems go away. So don’t just think because it’s plugged into a wall it must be ok. Check for other heaters like copiers, printers, coffee makers, space or floor heaters. You get the point.

Never plug these machines into UPS supplies. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve seen damage to machines and UPS’s because these machines are plugged into them.

HP P3015 58.04 error photo

1. Turn machine off and unplug everything. If you have accessories like extra trays, remove. Let it sit for 20 to 30 minutes then try again. Make sure plugged into wall out let. If it works then unplug and install accessories one at a time.

2. Try different power source. Like I said before, move to a different room.

3. Replace ECU RM1-6281-000CN

Below you will find a link to get the Engine Control Board and a link to the current model that replaces the P3015 series.

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