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Diagnostic Aids for Troubleshooting the 59.50 Error on the HP P3005

Figure out why your HP P3005 Printer is showing you a 59.50 Error

The 59.50 error is a main motor, RK2-1488-000, error. Motor errors in HP mains are few and far. About the only motor I ever have problems with is the 59.30 fuser motor error on the HP Color Laserjet 4700 and 4730 models. All other motor errors I see on these machines is generated by another part not functioning right in the machine.

The main thing I can say is to remove the toner cartridge and restart the machine with the cartridge out. All the recent motor errors I’ve seen is with the third-party toner cartridges. Third party toner companies love to put as much toner in these as possible. Others like to use the cheapest toner possible. With stuffing the cartridge with too much toner it puts it in a bind. When the motor goes to turn it can’t because of the cartridge. Usually one of two things happen the cartridge gear breaks on the motor locks up. With cheap toner the same thing can happen. Fine, tiny, smooth toner particles is what gives you a high DPI. Cheap toner is larger and looks like rocks under a microscope. These particles once again can get bound up in the seals and blades resulting in the same situation that I just described.

So the main thing I can say is to replace your toner cartridge before you go crazy and start replacing parts.

 HP P3005 Printer 59.50 error photo

59.50 ERROR
A main motor (M1) error has occurred. Motor
operation is verified during device power-up
1. Turn the device off and then on.
2. Verify that nothing is hindering the main motor. If necessary, remove all paper trays and the print cartridge, and then turn on the device and listen for motor operation.
3. Verify that the main motor is connected to connector J407 on the ECU. You might have to remove the main cooling fan to see this connection.
4. If the message persists, replace the motor. RK2-1488-000CN

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