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Troubleshooting the Machine Error 6A on the Brother 8220

Diagnostic Aids related to the Machine Error 6A on the Brother MFC 8220

Alright the machine error 6A on these machines is a heater warming – up timeout error. Pretty much the lamp didn’t reach 60 C within 11 seconds. Now according to the service manual you need to check the thermistor assembly and halogen lamp.

I guess if I found myself going out on this call the first thing I would do is to put the machine in Maintenance Mode and try to perform a manual reset. For some reason Brother machines like to get stuck with fuser errors. The machines are supposed to automatically reset but that rarely happens.

To enter into Maintenance Mode press Menu, *, 2, 8, 6, 4. The main thing I would say here is to not pay attention to the display. People all the time try to explain to me what the display says as they press each button. That’s not the point. I always tell people to get a beat in their head and press the buttons to the beat and not pay attention to the display. If done correctly the machine will beep, the lights will blink, and the display will read Maintenance. Press 9,9 and the machine will reset and go into a warm-up state. Majority of the time that fixes the problem but if not read on.

Brother 8220 machine error 6A photo

1. Make sure that the thermistor is connected to the engine PCB at CN7.

2. Check and make sure the thermal fuse is not blown. On most these newer machines the fuses open when to hot and are supposed to close when cooled off. A lot of them fail to do this. Remove the fuse, check it, and if it’s still open shoot it with canned air upside down. This will blast it with a shot of extremely cold air. Sometimes I’ve had to use a spring hook to pull it out.

3. Also check the halogen lamp to make sure it’s not blown. AC power is a closed circuit so everything besides the thermistors have continuity. So if you have a volt meter with a continuity test it makes it really easy.

4. Next check the thermistor for visible signs of wear and make sure it’s seated correctly.

5. Next step would be to replace the replace the fuser if some of the test above fail, then the Power Supply, engine board, and Main PCB.

Fuser Part Number = LM2579001

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