NVRAM Initialization on the HP P3005 LaserJet Printer

How to perform the NVRAM Initialization on your HP Lasejet P3005 Printer

I know I never want to perform a NVRAM initialization on any HP machine I work on because usually that means I’m getting desperate. Hopefully that doesn’t have to be the case with your machine but if you run out of options and your next step is the NVRAM initialization. In this article I’d like to show you how to perform this procedure and inform you of a few things to watch out for when performing.

HP P3005 Printer NVRAM initialization photoFirst thing you should do before performing the NVRAM reset is to print off a menu map and configuration page. It’s important to print these pages off because all user settings will be reset to factory default. There’s nothing worse than a call back the next day because the machine isn’t working right because you didn’t reconfigure the user settings or you didn’t print these pages off and have no idea what needs to be changed.

Second thing to know is that the NVRAM reset is a last resort. Perform a Cold Reset first before performing this procedure. The NVRAM initialization resets everything inside the machine including page counts, EIO settings, serial numbers, and PM counts. So make sure you have all this information before performing the reset and make sure to re-enter it in the Service Mode menu.


NVRAM Initialization Procedure

1. Turn the printer off and unplug it.

2. Remove any Installed Accessories.

3. Turn the printer on. As the memory count starts on the control panel press the Down button and hold it till all the lights on the control panel flash once and remain on.

4. Press the Up button

5. Press the Menu button and the control panel display should show Skip Disk Load

6. Press the Up button until NVRAM INIT is highlighted

7. Press the Check button and then the control panel will start the NVRAM initialization and reset.



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