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Changing the Date and Time on the Xerox Phaser MFP 3300

Setting the Date and Time on your Xerox Phaser MFP 3300

One of the main questions I get from customers is how to set the date and time on their fax machines. Or I guess one of the main things I see is machines with the wrong settings on the display. One of the main reasons to have that correct time and date is so when you send documents they have the correct information in the header on your faxes. Also it will show the correct time you received faxes on the activity reports. Useful for customers where it’s important to show the time and date they sent and received documents. Hopefully, this article will help you walk through the steps and get these settings changed as quick as possible.

1. Press the Menu button till the control panel displays System Setup on the bottom line and press EnterXerox Phaser MFP 3300 date and time photo

2. Press Enter when the Machine Setup displays on the control panel

3. Use the Scroll buttons till Date and Time appears on the display and press Enter

4. Enter the Month, Day, Year (4-digits), hour and minute. Anything under 10 add a zero in front of the number. Example : 01 for January

5. To select AM or PM press the * or # button or any number button

6. Press Enter to save the settings

7. Press Stop/Clear to return the machine to a ready state.

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